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The Nashville Record

It is the most memorable moments in life that are by nature indescribable and can only be experienced as a feeling. No words do them justice. In my experience, it’s music that most accurately mirrors these fragments back at us, helping us process our pain and augment our joy.

I’ve lately fallen into a river of song, not in avoidance of my life (although there is much there that I’d love to avoid), but to embrace it more fully. The result of this is that I am making more music than ever and as a result of that, releasing two albums this year.

The first of these was made across two continents, in Perth, Western Australia and Nashville, Tennessee, moving from a time of closed borders and lockdowns to one of relative freedom of movement. Made with producer @nickbullockmusic behind the wheel at @thedoghousestudionashville , the record features some stellar musicians and is slated for release this August.

It will be available on vinyl, and with my fabulous band featuring @grant_ferstat @paulfranciswood and Stevie Rea, I will be bringing the songs to you across a series of upcoming gigs!

The second record is still in the making with the amazing @annalaverty – more on that in the coming months.

Stay tuned,

Catherine xx

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